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Assign a Facebook Account Role>

Change a photo on your Wix site>

Fnd your saved design in VIstaprint>

Buy or connect your domain &  connect to Google>

Transfer Your Domain purchased & hosted elsewhere>

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Wix Account Set-Up

1.) Invite Sarah as a "Contributor".

Give access to Sarah Bryce Designs to handle

your web design and updates!

2.) Buy your domain and connect it to Google in your Wix Account

Once you find the links in your site, just follow the prompts to complete. It's easy!


3.) Transfer your domain purchased

& hosted elsewhere.
Watch Wix's step-by-step video ( at the top of the page ) how to transfer your domain from

one host to Wix. Transfer can take up to 7 days.


Business Essentials

Where to find your prepared design

in Vistaprint.

If you order Vistaprint Assistance you can have your design placed for you in the templates Vistaprint provides without fear of placing it incorrectly. All you need 

to do is ORDER!


DIY Website Maintenance

1.) How to edit text in your Wix Site

Don't forget that any simple text edit you make will

effect your mobile layout! " Uh-Oh!"

2.) How to change a photo on your Wix site.

Just want to touch up your site with a few new

photos, that's easy!

3.) How to create your first blog .

Ready to start writing your first blog entry, but don't know where to begin? It's easy and you don't even have to go into the "editing" portion of your website. 

4.) How to use "SITE HISTORY" to

revert to an earlier version.

Made too many changes and wish you could go back an hour or so? You can with your site history function!

 5.) How to add "SEO" descriptions on

your products.

You have your own e-commerce site and know how to add new products, but need to learn how to

add the SEO descriptions.


Marketing Set-Ups

 1.) How to assign Facebook Ad account role

You're ready for paid advertisement on FB and need to to give access to Sarah Bryce Designs, here's how.

2.) How to assign Facebook page role.

You're ready to get the word out about your business through social media marketing. Here's how to give Sarah Bryce Designs access to start helping you!


Business Start-Up Tools:


If you are planning to invoice customers, and need an easy to use, great for small biz invoicing, I can definitely recommend what I use, which is SQUARE. If you choose to, if you sign-up through me through link above, we can both save on processing fees!

Quality Apparel Prints

 If you are planning to print your logo on branded t-shirts for your company,

I highly recommend Printful's quality.  I have tried other print places such as Zazzle and Vistaprint, but only Printful delivers the best quality and color-match accuracy. Order up a size and pick materials that have some stretch/softness.

Business Cards, Postcards, Branded Baseball Cap

No question about it Vistaprint is the best for budget friendly printing. Especially business cards and postcards. I highly recommend placing your illustrative logos on their PRINTED HATS  and is the perfect replacement for an embroidered hat and looks fantastic! Use your PDF file for this!

It's wonderful to DIY, but that's only if you have the TIME!

Contact Me for your Website Updates. Maintenance Orders start as low as 75.00. I can make simple updates, or even expand your site by adding pages, galleries, reviews or setting up your blog. 

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