Client Tutorials

Maintaining Your Site • Simple Wix Updates • "How- to" Videos for Clients

1.) How to Invite a Contributor

Give access to Sarah Bryce Designs to handle

your web design and updates!

2.) How to edit text changes in mobile.

Don't forget that any simple text edit you make will

effect your mobile layout! " Uh-Oh!"

3.) How to use "SITE HISTORY" to

revert to an earlier version.

Made too many changes and wish you could go back an hour or so? You can with your site history function!

4.) How to create your first blog .

Ready to start writing your first blog entry, but don't know where to begin? It's easy and you don't even have to go into the "editing" portion of your website. 

5.) How to add "SEO" descriptions on

your products.

You have your own e-commerce site and know how to add new products, but need to learn how to

add the SEO descriptions.

6.) How to assign Facebook page role.

You're ready to get the word out about your business through social media marketing. Here's how to give Sarah Bryce Designs access to start helping you!

7.) How to assign Facebook Ad account role

You're ready for paid advertisement on FB and need to to give access to Sarah Bryce Designs, here's how.

8.) How to change a photo on your Wix site.

Just want to touch up your site with a few new

photos, that's easy!

9.) Where to find your design in Vistaprint.

If you order Vistaprint Assistance you can have your design placed for you in the templates Vistaprint provides without fear of placing it incorrectly. All you need 

to do is ORDER!

Tutorial Requests

What Would You Like to Learn?

Just don't have the time?

Contact me for any assistance on simple or complex updates to your site. Keep your site fresh with new content, keep growing your products and your pages.

Ask about ordering a custom tutorial just for you!