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DIY Website Editing

edit text
site history
change photo

1.) How to edit text in your WIX site.

Don't forget that any simple text edit you make will effect your MOBILe LAYOUT!

2.) How to change a photo in your WIX website.

Just want to touch up your site with a few new photos, that's easy!

3.) How to create your first blog .
Ready to start writing your first blog entry, but don't know where to begin? It's easy and you don't even have to go into the "editing" portion of your website. 

4.) How to use "SITE HISTORY" to
revert to an earlier version.
Made too many changes and wish you could go back an hour or so? You can with your site history function!

5.) How to add "SEO" descriptions to your store products.

You have your own e-commerce store and need to know how to add SEO to any new products you add.

6.) How to create an Email Marketing Campaign in your WIX website.

With your WIX website premium subscription, you have 3 free email marketing campaigns per month before upgrading. Learn to DIY!

7.) How to add a "Subscriber Form" to Your WIX website.

Collect leads and get new subscribers to your news letter or email blasts, with your subscribe form added to the footer of your website!

8.) How to upgrade your "Customer Reviews" APP.

Your WIX customer reviews app is installed and set up, but just needs to be upgraded to have the best function.

email blast
subscriber form
customer reviews
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