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Facebook Lead Generation Business Promotion

To get started with lead generation marketing assistance, you first must have a Facebook Business Page with your logo and cover photo.  After your page is complete follow the next steps for adding me to be your administrator. (These roles can be edited or removed at any time.)

Facebook Page Management:

First step in any marketing assistance with

your FB page is to assign me a role.

STEP- 1.) Add Sarah Ann Bryce as a friend on Facebook.

STEP- 2.) Go to *YOUR* Facebook Business Page and Click "SETTINGS"

STEP- 3.) Click "PAGE ROLES"

STEP- 4.) Assign  person "SARAH ANN BRYCE" or my EMAIL as "Administrator" then ADD.

*NOTE: Role of Administrator allows me to manage Payments in Ad Manager later. You can easily edit my role or remove me.)

Facebook Ad Management:

Next step in advertising assistance is to add

me as Ad Account Admin in Ad Manager.

STEP- 1.) Go to your Facebook AD MANAGER  or : https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager 

Or on



STEP- 2.) Go to your Ad Manager SETTINGS


  STEP- 4.) Add role of Sarah Ann Bryce  as “Ad Account Administrator.

STEP- 5.) Complete Payment/Credit Card Information in your

Ad Manager/Billing/Payment setting section.

Now You are All Set!


 with your Facebook Lead Ad

DESIGN- Includes basic photoshop editing/or stock images for "ad creative". Copywriting, ad campaign targeting, audience definition, auction bidding strategies, budgeting and management.

LEADS- Download leads and sends to realtor for immediate contact. Using a CRM like "LION DESK" is recommended, otherwise leads are emailed the Monday after. Contact Me

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