• Sarah Bryce

Logo Design Process

Designing a logo isn't so simple! The process has a number of stages and can take hours, even days to complete.

1.) Design Brief-

The design brief is listening and comprehending the description of what you client wants. It is understanding and taking notes on the product or business, the audience and demographics, the style, the feel, the color of what your client wants.

2.) Research-

Research is the gathering of information to help the ideas get started with educated references.

3.) Brainstorming and Sketching-

Next, numerous sketches or digital concepts are started. In some cases rough doodle-sketches are necessary to get started in a direction. Then, onto digital.

4.) Digital Drafts-

Digital drafts and digital illustration drafts are then created from scratch using Adobe Illustrator. Choices are presented to client in either black and white or in color.

5.) Final Production /Development of Choice Idea-

#1 choice concept is selected by the client from choices. There will be a few # versions with slight variations which elements can be combined for the finished draft. At this time Pantone colors or Hex colors can be finalized.

6.) Feedback and Revisions-

Final choice is created with 2 more free final revisions if needed.

7.) Delivery of Final Files-

Often there are a variety of files that a logo is needed in such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF etc. and each of these files must be prepared and delivered via Dropbox.

Sarah Bryce is a freelance graphic designer serving Bethany Beach and local coastal towns in Sussex County and beyond. www.sarahbrycedesigns.com

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