• Sarah Bryce

Is your Promotional Ad TOO cluttered?


This will actually cause your reader to "SKIP OVER" and not even read the content of your ad! (The opposite effect you wanted? ) The eye does not know where to go, because it has no place to "rest". A strong design provides visual cues to lead the viewer through the content.

"Everything but the kitchen sink". Maybe you've heard that saying. I've heard it. My professor would often comment when seeing a cluttered design during a class critique and say, "this looks like everything but the kitchen sink" in this ad!

We all knew what it meant.

Which ad is your eye drawn to? The busy ad, or the clean, simple ad? Most ads are either too cluttered with too much content and images. Focusing on a clear and simple headline that offers a benefit or a solution to your prospect's problem can help your ad get more attention. Headlines account for 60%-80% of the ads success.

What to strive for?

1.) Type Hierarchy-is typography being placed in a way the leads the viewer. The most important type is largest, to what is least important, make the smallest. For example a headline, a tagline and copy.

2.) Consistent Color Palette-use to draw attention to what is important, but also to unify all the elements on the page. A limited palette creates cohesiveness.

3.) Placement and Alignment- where elements or type are placed to shows it's importance and to draw attention. There needs to be space around the elements and not so close to create "tension". Let the design 'breathe".

4.) White Space- or negative space. Space to create emphasis and draw attention to important elements, it can also create resting space for your eyes. It can cause your eyes to linger on the ad longer, and want to read all of it's content.

Clean design. Done right. Here are a couple of examples I quickly grabbed off the internet.

When you offer too many choices to a consumer, she chooses nothing. Given too much information, a consumer gets overloaded and postpones decision-making for another day. And that is the opposite effect we want! :)

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