• Sarah Bryce

Real Estate "Branding". Are you standing out from the rest?

Are you just ONE MORE realtor or are you standing out?

Branding Is defined as "The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products."

First, your logo design is the cornerstone of success in designing your image for your real estate agency. A logo shows who you are, what you believe and what others can expect from you with carefully placed designs and images.

First impressions are crucial in all aspects of life, and a logo design, a business card and print materials that resonates with others, is a sure way to make sure your first impression is a great one.

Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes, Presentation Folders, , postcards, rack cards, thank you cards, etc. are all examples where logo, and branding themes can be cohesive.

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Are you sharing videos through Youtube?

Posting on Instagram? Posting content on your

Facebook business page?

99% of Millennials search on online websites. Which means your cover page, your Facebook ads, your profile image and posts, videos, etc. are ALL an important part.

Each of these platforms need to carry a theme of your branding to create familiarity with you who you are and what your brand is!

Sarah Bryce is a Freelance graphic designer serving Bethany Beach, and local coastal towns in Sussex County and beyond. Contact for more information and visit :www.sarahbrycedesigns.com