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Your Guide to Real Estate Branding

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"Who's your Daddy?"

Ok. What I mean is..... who is your local role model, big competitor

out there, and what are they doing RIGHT?!!

Pay special attention to their business name, logo, and slogan. What does their branding look like? (What do you think they’re doing wrong?) What can you emulate with your own branding that could be even better!?

"Collect Brand Inspiration"

No, I don't mean STEAL. I mean, take screenshots of their websites, save logos, and copy their slogans into your own research folder. What designs do you like? What logos stand out to you? What designs and styles

give you inspiration? What fonts do you like?

Make a list made up of what is unique and special about your service and dream up what

unique brand you could create to make yourself stand out from the rest?

"Create Your Name."

Simply put, use your name or real estate team, or initials as the word-part of your logo.

"Write a slogan or tagline"

Under your name consider a tagline or a short slogan that sums up what you stand for and specialize in.

Take time to brainstorm dozens of taglines, boiling them down, simplifying them,

until one stands out as the clear winner.

"Get a logo designed".

After all your brand research on styles, brands, colors, plus your names and slogan....

you are all set to get a custom logo design!

The best choice would be a symbol, or simple illustration, mascot even....etc...made in a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator. This means it is a design program that is not raster or"pixel based", but is resolution-independent, which means you can size it way up or way down with excellent quality. Vector images are made up of lines and points verses the pixels or grid-like squares. Photos and images from photoshop are raster or pixel based.

This shows the difference between vector vs. raster.

"Apply Your new Branding"

Apply to your website, your Bio, your social media cover pages, your business cards, your yard signs, your postcards, your advertising materials, flyers, brochures etc!!

Create a cohesive, recognizable theme with your new brand, that people will remember. People will become comfortable when they see your brand enough times, that it comes to mind

when they need your service!

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Sarah is a freelance graphic designer in Bethany Beach, Delaware area.

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