• Sarah Bryce

Real Estate Leads, what's your experience?

What Have You Heard?

"Should I sign up to be a Zillow Premier Agent?"

What do you like best?

Nothing, they take your money and then do nothing in return. They are deceitful and errogant. There is a huge conflict of interest as they compete against you for listings.

What do you dislike?

Quality of leads, amount of leads, character of their employees. The employees are pushy, errogant, and deceptive. They tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign up and once you do they back track on everything they said. I recorded every conversation I had with Zillow and plan to hire an attorney. I wish someone would start a class action lawsuit.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Just don't do it. They lie and once they have your money good luck getting them to do anything.

"Con artist-Biggest deceitful company in 2019"

What do you like best?

My 1st experience in 2017-2018 was acceptable and then it started changing to very poor leads later half of 2018 and I was told the company was undergoing changes to improve agent experiences. I got out in October 2018 and returned in Jan 2019....Drew, my representative, impressed me with his pitch....I regret the $12,000 I lost with the 6 month contract.

"Bogus Leads"

The fact that I spent $1300 a month, equivalent to my mortgage payment in San Diego, CA to be sent bogus leads! Majority of the people inquiring were asking about homes that were already sold, weren't even on the market or were for sale by owner.


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