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Your LOGO is the *beginning* of your BUSINESS.

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Are you starting your own business? Or maybe you are rebranding the look of your business?


• A LOGO is the messenger of your company’s brand.

The more professional your logo design is the higher are the chances that your company will be perceived as trustworthy by the customers.

Because.....First impressions are made by a logo or its absence!

Logos can:

Bring Brand Recognition

Reflect Your Business

Attract New customers

When designing your new logo, consider these questions:

What does your company stand for?

Write down who you are, who you serve and what you represent.

What style logo would you like. Classic? Modern?

What fonts do you like, simple, ornate?

Choose your color scheme of 2 or 3 colors that represent you.

Should you go with an illustrative logo?

Do I understand the logo design process?

Am I ready to hire a professional!?

If so, please contact me!

Sarah Bryce is a freelance marketing/graphic designer serving Bethany Beach and local coastal towns in Sussex County and beyond. www.sarahbrycedesigns.com

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