• Sarah Bryce

Make Your Logo More "Personable!"

Did you know?

Mascot based logos are more "personable"!

If you are deciding on a logo design, consider a mascot logo.

Realtor branded Mascot Design

So what is a mascot logo? A mascot logo is...

a well designed cartoon character with strong connection to the company it represents. You are giving your company more than just an identity, you are giving it a PERSONALITY.

It "personifies" the brand...

It doesn't just represent the business, it represents:

The people, the values and the company's culture.

Mascot logos can be so "EYE-CATCHING" that it draws people

to stop by to learn more about you!

These characters or "caricatures" can have an impressive feel, and make your brand INSTANTLY recognizable amidst competitors.

They can be...

  • Human Mascot Logos (could this be you?)

  • Friendly Animal Designs

  • Object Mascot Logos

  • Fierce Animal Mascot Logos​

These type of logos are more likely to cause customers to form personal attachments with your brand.

And when your customers feel a connection, they will feel more comfortable doing business WITH YOU! (And that's what we want!)

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