• Sarah Bryce


Now what do you do??

So you received your first leads on your FACEBOOK LEAD

GENERATED AD---what do you do?

1.) Have a CRM Integration with Facebook Already Set-Up!

Hopefully, your leads are integrated with your CRM, such as Liondesk, so you will get immediate delivery of leads as them come in! Also, immediate automation of texts, and emails.

2.) Have a QUICK response to Leads!

According to Hubspot, calling leads "Within five minutes, for example, you get 21 TIMES MORE CHANCE to nudge the lead right into the actual sales process compared to doing it within 30 minutes."

If you are not able to call within minutes ( as some leads come after midnight), TRY TO RESPOND WITHIN 24 HOURS, or the lead may:

• Move onto another realtor.

• Change their mind.

• Forget they responded.

3.) Keep Nurturing Those Leads.

Which is why you need a great CRM or marketing plan. Some leads DO NOT want to be called, they want some information through an email and time to think about it. They want to look at your website, and your profile and GET TO KNOW YOU FIRST. A weekly email- drip campaign, text promotion and occasional follow-up phone calls can help the lead through the sales funnel. It can take 10 touches before a lead will could respond to you reaching out.

4.) Be Patient and Don't Give UP!

Even if it were to take weeks for a leads to convert it is building a PIPELINE. It is creating a CONTACT-BASE. You are building relationships....with the leads and with REFERRALS through fellow collaborators such as loan officers. You are building your BRAND and your PRESENCE on social media.

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