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Wix Versus Wordpress

What’s the difference?

Websites should NOT have to cost a fortune!

In fact, there are some budget-friendly options out there!

One, am very familiar with: WIX.COM.

So, How is WIX different?

Well, there are "WEBSITE BUILDERS" and "CONTENT MANAGEMENT" websites.

Wordpress is also extremely popular. Yet, from what I'm hearing, is MORE

time-consuming and with a STEEPER learning curve for the designer....

....which increases the time and labor to build, and MORE COST TO YOU.

Here's a break-down comparison between WIX and WORDPRESS WEBSITES:


Wix is a " Website Builder" and Wordpress is a CMS or "Content Management system".

Both make great websites. Wix is faster to build, Wordpress is a bit more complex.

Wordpress has the ability to add your own HTML. Wix has HTML elements ready to go.

Are WIX SITES good quality if it is only a "DRAG & DROP" site builder that "ANYONE" can build??

In my opinion I say, YES. Although it IS a drag & drop site builder that anyone can "try" you MAY frustrate yourself. And waste your valuable time pretending to be a designer to save a BUCK.

IT TAKES DESIGNING SKILL to make an attractive one. (*I mean using the Wix EDITOR) And LOTS of patience!

How does it work if there is no HTML coding involved?

I have hand-coded a static site before and it is TEDIOUS just to place your elements in the most basic layout and THEN add CSS to "design", and then JAVASCRIPT to make it responsive in a mobile form and "GAAHHH!" if someone can take away the pain of that then, THANK YOU!

So WIX is a template based website builder that has the coding of your elements all set up for you and you can just concentrate on your branded, attractively designed site.

Will my site be MOBILE FRIENDLY?

Yes! It will be fully functioning. It can have photo galleries, buttons, sign-up, contact forms and downloadable PDFs. Wix has e-commerce sites and shops, specializing in small businesses. They provide SEO tools and APP upgrades to optimize your site.

Wix Editor comes

with the tools to

design your desktop version

into an equally attractive mobile version.

Wix's drag and drop features allows to modify,

and move around elements, hide elements you don't need, and be able to see exactly how everything will look through it's preview mode.

How much will Wix's subscription be?

A yearly subscription to a basic premium Wix subscription is about $150.00 a year, plus the cost of your domain which is another $40-60.00. There are other levels of subscriptions of course, and also it costs more to buy monthly versus yearly.

So how much will I, the designer, charge to build you a site?

Of course this depends on how elaborate of a site.This is presuming you have your branded LOGO DESIGN. This depends whether you'd like a simple landing page website or a multi-page site. Prices could range from as little as 200.00 for a landing page or 500.00 - 1K+ for larger sites. If you have a store with products, that would add time as well.

I can also offer a Comprehensive Business Branding & Website Service Package, and have "ADD-ONS" such as Facebook Page Design and Set-Up, Google My Business Set-Up, Verification, and design.

So you have OPTIONS! So go ahead and get that website!

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