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More Americans are starting businesses.


Trend #1: More Americans are starting businesses. In 2020, applications for new business tax IDs actually rose at the fastest rate since 2007.

Start-Up Online Businesses:

  1. Consultant

  2. Online reseller

  3. Online teaching/tutoring

  4. Online bookkeeping

  5. Medical courier service

  6. App developer

  7. Transcription service

  8. Dropshipping

9. Pet sitting

10. Content Writing

11. Meals-to-go

12. Software Education

Goals to consider:

• Start a business that fills a need.

Do your research and find a need that people are searching for a solution. Discovering problems that lead to consumer needs is a sure way for entrepreneurs to start a business

• Design and build your website.

An attractive site, that is user-friendly is a sure way to establish trust

and credibility. Get an Estimate

• Use search engines to drive targeted buyers.

Targeted marketing, both organic and paid. Local SEO ads such as GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, or Facebook ads, boosts and more! My marketing-design

• Use the power of email marketing to turn visitors into buyers.

Use your contact list and develop a lifetime relationship with your customers sharing informative and useful content.

What Adventures will YOU take?

"I would love to help you optimize your brand image and marketing strategies.

I look forward to getting in touch

with you!"


Sarah Bryce Designs is a woman-owned small business & designer in the Bethany Beach area. Sarah specializes in marketing & design work in both digital and print.

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