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What's Next?

After your website goes LIVE, what else you can do to help grow your business.

tree image inside computer screen

1.) Manage Your Website On-the-Go! Download the WIX OWNERS APP on your phone.

view of Wix owner app download screen

Keep on top of your website and customers with your phone! Download the WIX OWNERS APP through your phone's play store/APP Store. 

• Receive notifications when you have a site visitor,

• Respond to messages from your site chat.

• Tweak a blog article by choosing "edit" or create a new blog.

• Check out other available features!

TIP: Turn off sound on notifications- if you prefer- so you don't have to have sound alerts everytime someone visits your site. Go under app notifications and settings to adjust.

2.) Manage Your Google Business Listing.

graphic of Google my business logo

Your Google Listing is how your business shows up in Google searches and maps.

You can manage your online business information.

  • Business hours

  • Chat, where users can send you a message directly from Google Search.

  • Description of your business

  • Photos

Build trust with Google Reviews.

graphic of Google Reviews logo

Encourage and answer reviews.

Post Updates.

List your products and services.

View your analytics and see how many visitors you have and see their search terms.

Try Google Ads. "Push" your business listing to the top of Google searches.

Branch out into Google Ads seamlessly, by boosting your business listing. How to use your profile for ads:

google ad logo

3.) Manage Your Facebook Business Page.

Get More visibility!

Create a business page SEPARATE from your personal profile page.

Then, invite all your friends to like and follow.

Create valuable content for your page, related to your service. Post regularly!

Share your posts to Facebook groups that you can join, where promotion is allowed, and the audience seems a good target!

Benefits are: increased visibility, cost-effective marketing, improved customer engagement and communication, access to a broad audience, insights and analytics, opportunities for community building, increased website traffic, and reputation management!

These are just a few you can start with!


Contact Sarah for more tips and help.


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