Wix Set-Up

1.)  Assign People Roles on Your Website
Invite people to your Wix site to have specific roles
and permissions such as web designer, web or
office manager. Simply check box next to role,  type in person's email and click "send Invite" button!

2.)  How to Upgrade Your Wix Website
to a Premium Plan.
Every Wix site comes free, but when you are ready for a custom domain you must first upgrade to a monthly or annual  hosting plan. I recommend the simplest "COMBO" plan, because it offers the essentials and is budget friendly!

3.)  How to Buy or Connect Your
Domain in Wix
After you upgrade your site to a premium plan, next you can click " Buy Domain." or "Connect Domain" at
to 1:57 minutes into video.


4.)  Transfer your domain purchased
& hosted elsewhere.
Watch this link to Wix's step-by-step video how to transfer your domain from one host to Wix. Transfer can take up to 7 days. Some domain hosts have restrictions how soon  your domain can be transferred, so be aware!


5.)  How to upgrade your WIX APPS
Wix templates come with a variety of APPS already installed, but some will need to be upgraded to get desired function. Simply click UPGRADE button next to APP you want to upgrade and select level of price & function and purchase!

Helpful Short-Cuts:



If you wish, you can just view the layout of your Wix dashboard and choose from above selections, circled in red, to QUICK START those navigations on your own. Just follow Wix prompts to complete.