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Custom printed Hat


Printful embroidered denim hat

Embroidery hat by PRINTFUL

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If you are looking to order online, I have a few I have tried and can recommend! Online can be a great savings compared to a local shop. However, if control (proofing, color check ) and high quality is the price you are willing to pay, local places can do OUTSTANDING work that surpasses online. I have seen some local places (DE) that have done great work for my customers. No question about it though, VISTAPRINT is the best for budget-friendly printing for business cards and rack cards. If your logo is too detailed for embroidery, I highly recommend placing your illustrative logos on their PRINTED HATS! Use your PDF file for this! PRINTFUL is my favorite for T-shirt prints ( they use art files to print) and embroidery (looked great!) and PRINTIFY offers some nice quality products as well. ( loved my logo collection-branded sweatshirt!)

business cards print job

VISTAPRINT Business Cards and Rack Cards are great quality and price. This design was printed beautifully!

rack card print job
doodle-shirt t shirt print job
Printful embroidered polo
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If  you are planning to invoice customers, and need an easy to use, great for small biz invoicing, I can definitely recommend what I use, which is SQUARE. If you choose to, if you sign-up through me through link above, we can both save 1K in sales processing fees!

Start-Up Business Invoicing

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