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Logo Design



The more professional your logo design is the higher the chance your company will be perceived as "trustworthy" by your customers.



Your branding identifies you, and communicates what you are all about. STAGE ONE is naming your business and creating your logo.



Business cards, letterhead, brochures, social media platforms, and the design of your professional business website.

Through Sarah Bryce Designs, you can order your "hand-drawn"or "shape-built"  illustrative logo. From sketch to digital draft in Adobe Illustrator, your logo is created in the highest quality "vector" program made for logo designing. These logos have unlimited sizing from small to large without any blurring or pixelating.

Graphic explaining vector versus pixel.
Showing a pastor logo versus a vector logo.

Recreate an old logo without losing your familiar identity! These logos were rebuilt from scratch, with customized fonts, redrawn art, mimicking the old, outdated versions:

Be An Original, Not A Copy!

Don't risk looking like someone else! An illustrative logo can give you a greater assurance of originality. 

Several red and white emblem logos that logo alike.

(look alike logos)

Your logo with hand-drawn/shape-built elements, will be one of a kind! Font and geometric-shape logos can be only be so original.

The Creative Process:

First, logo "ideas" will be drafted using the IPAD making rough "doodle-like" sketches (digital line drawings), OR "rough-digital drafts" built using shape builder tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Once an idea is selected your logo will be refined. Illustrations are redrawn in Illustrator with vector brush /pen and graphic logos, refined and cleaned up. The last stage usually is viewing your logo in full color.


Before You Order:


  • What will be the look of your brand? What colors and what fonts?

  • How will you use your logo? Will your logo be for print & web use primarily? 

Customer Branding Uses! 

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