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1.) It should align with the business you deliver-

Your logo should clearly express what your product is and communicates the brand of your company.

2.) Make it unique-

Consider what can make you stand out from competitors. Consider an illustrative logo or a “Combination Mark” which has some illustrative design. An illustrative/mascot logo can be a great way to stand out from the competition being very unique and hard to copy, you can stand out above simple letters or geometric shaped logos which seem to be everywhere.

3.) Use color in a meaningful way_

There is a science behind colors, which modern graphic designers effectively use.

4.) Pick fonts carefully-

If the choice of typeface does not speak for your brand, the logo will send wrong signals to your potential customers. It should match the mood, the audience, the style of the product you are promoting.

5.) Keep it simple-

1 to 3 colors. 1 to 2 fonts. Simple logos are most memorable.

6.) Think about scaling-

How do you want your logo used? A more complex logo can not be scaled down below 2 inches without losing “readability. Fine lines can appear like smudges. It can be hard to fit on a business card with other information around it. Do you want your logo on a pen or stitched on a hat? Then you want to stay simple or accept some limitations on how it can be used. Also you could consider a alternate-simplified version for smaller print uses.

But most importantly:

7.) Use a professional designer-

There is more to designing and printing a logo than people realize. There are print files and web files. There are large size, small size, transparent backgrounds (png), Pdf files, Tiff files and each have specific color modes for how they are used. If you use a CMYK file on the web the color can look funny, or print from a RGB file, the same. There are Pantone colors that should be selected and used and all the processes mentioned require design programs, such as Adobe Illustrator. I would love to help you optimize your brand image and marketing strategies. Contact me and we can arrange an appointment to meet and discuss your goals.


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