• Sarah Bryce

Types Of Logos

Which Style Fits You Best?

You're starting your business.... and it's time to begin your branding. Where do you start? Here are the top 7 types of logo design:

1: Emblem Logo-(badge/crest/shield) is a logo type that features text, a symbol, or imagery ( illustration) inside a geometric shape.

The PROS are rich detail & originality! The chances to find another brand with a logo similar to yours are significantly smaller. The CONS are scalability. You may need a simplified version for embroidery or certain types of branding such as it going on a pen, and is best no smaller than 1-2" inches high.

An emblem logo is one of the most original forms of brand mark. An emblem logo is one of many different styles identified under the broader umbrella term of “logo.”

2: Pictorial Mark (or "stylized image"without words ) - is imagery/illustration that is reduced to its symbolistic meaning.

A pictorial mark can have great impact and versatility in branding and using in many types of advertising campaigns! The disadvantages being that these are not great for startup, because until your audience recognizes your company-brand, you will not be understood.

3: Wordmark Logo ( or Company Name Designed) - Is a Logo composed entirely of the company’s name.

This type of logo is simple yet impactful! It also can be combined with other elements. One limitation is that your name can't be *too long. You need to keep in mind font styles and trends, and therefore the possibility of looking out-dated down the road.

Wordmarks work best once the name of a business is incredibly distinctive. In a study of logos belonging to the highest a hundred brands within the world, thirty-seventh of them consisted solely of text, typically stylised using a distinctive font

4: Monogram Logos- are logos reducing your brand’s name to an acronym. Take the initials from each word of your brand’s name, and you’ve got yourself a logo.

Great visual impact and an option versus a symbol alone. A letter combination is easier to remember than more complicated logo styles, and as a result, your potential customers will recongize and notice your logo across your online and real world presence. But if you are a NEW company, the meaning of your business can be confusing with only letters to communicate, and may need the spelled out company name underneath the monogram.

5: Abstract Logos - made of an image without any letters. It’s a visual representation the feeling you want your brand to evoke.

A great option for versatility in all types of branding and scalability. They can be striking and memorable, but again, these symbols alone may confuse. The symbol may need the company name next to it in startup, until the audience is able to recognize the symbol on its own.

6: Mascot Logos - Are illustrated characters that are cartoon-like and fun. This type of logo often acts as the “brand ambassador”of a business.

Mascot logos are more personal and unique, standing out among other simpler brands! Great for creating a *friendly* approach towards your audience. Scalability again can be a problem, but a second simplified logo can be made for small scale branding in some cases.

When we look at some of the most popular animal mascots, we can easily identify their positive traits. If you effectively implement a mascot into your logo design, your brand will naturally inherit some of its best qualities.

7: Combination Mark- Any combination of these main logo types!