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Naming & Branding Your Business

Building a relevant brand to reflect your product or service.

Building a business from the ground up can be an exciting adventure, but also a little daunting with with many tasks requiring a huge learning curve. One of the first important decisions is naming and branding your business! This is the starting point where all your potential customers will begin in considering to use your services, or to use someone else's instead.


Coming up with a proper name that describes your business or service can be tricky especially when you may be working against some tough competition. The first smart step is researching similiar services, especially ones in your area. See if the name you are considering is already in use.

STEP ONE: Research your product or service.

Start on Google and search up businesses that offer similar services. Check your competition's social media pages, see what they offer, what their branding looks like, what they offer, and how your services could differ. How could you improve on what you offer versus their service?

STEP TWO: Choose your business name.

Make up an original word that is hard to imitate or confuse with competitors.

Or choose an ordinary word you could "reframe" in a new context, such as with your service, inspired by your target audience, and your service location.

STEP THREE: Write your slogan or Tag line.

{ Wait is there a difference? } A slogan is "a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising." Examples such as: Got Milk?..... Just Do It...... I’m Lovin’ It.

Or a Tagline: "a tagline is one or two phrases that provides clarity, entertainment, or emphasis to help highlight a brand's mission, purpose, or culture." Both reiterate the essence of your brand. Examples such as: " The Greatest Place On Earth" (Disney) or "There are some things money can't buy, but for everything else there's Mastercard ".

STEP FOUR: Design your Logo

What will be the look of your brand? What colors and what fonts? Ask your self how your logo will be used. Will your logo work across all platforms? Will it be scalable to work at all sizes? Will you need an extra version of your logo of just the icon? A square version to fit social media profile images? These are all questions you need to consider in the process of creating your branding.

Places your logo will go to consider: Your website header, a business card, social media (square format) , and your favicon.

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Sarah Bryce is a freelance marketing/graphic designer serving Bethany Beach and local coastal towns in Sussex County and beyond. #customlogo #graphicdesign #logobranding #brandingidentity #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #bethanybeach #BethanyBeach

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