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Color Psychology In Logo Design

What your colors will "SAY" about your business.

What is color psychology?

Color psychology explores how colors impact human behavior. It evokes emotion and ignites a spark in a consumer.

It influence a person’s ~mood.

It triggers ~judgement.

So that means it's PRETTY important to consider your branding color scheme carefully!


I don't know about you, but honestly all that RED in Target overwhelms me.

I can't decide on anything! But for MANY PEOPLE.... it stirs excitement and energy for shopping. They find everything they need in one trip!

Or how about Valentines Day's? Those romantic get-away- bedroom/bungalows decorated in ALL RED?? There is a reason for this. XXXOOO


Did you know that blue is the most popular logo color? It's soothing. It reminds of open spaces, like the vastness of the ocean. It inspires freedom, peace, and imagination. It represents LOYALTY, TRUSTWORTHINESS and DEPENDABILITY.


It's a no brainer that green is NATURE'S favorite color. So it makes sense to our eyes to associate the color green with GROWTH. From natural products, to landscaping, to is associated with healing, growth and dominance.

So, take a moment before you begin, and consider the psychology of the colors you choose, along with the type of business or service you offer. ~

Sarah Bryce is a woman-owned, contracting business in the Bethany Beach, Delaware area. Sarah specializes in design & marketing work through digital and print.

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