• Sarah Bryce

Client Brand Design Process

Examples of HOW IT'S DONE!

The first step is always hearing the "DESIGN BRIEF" which is listening and comprehending the description of what your client wants for their logo brand.

STEP 1: Sketches and Digital Drafts:

After some brainstorming and internet research for inspiration, the sketching/idea process begins. Depending on the type of logo, the first stages may be sketches before digital. Especially if illustration is a part of the design.

Font style can be generally be indicated (script, san serif, serif etc...) but explored more in depth after idea is approved.

Rough sketches or "doodles" of ideas, is a great way to show a variety of approaches before the investment of time rending in digital programs, or in creating a finished illustration.

After narrowing down this "concept" idea, then font research and digital drafting can begin.

Usually Black and White is used in the early stages, and then color is introduced.

But many times this rule get broken! But generally color is introduced when a clear concept or direction is realized.

STEP 2: Digital Draft and Font Exploration

If your logo design is primarily a font or a "word mark" or a "monogram" logo, your "sketches" or brainstorming may start in digital:, designing and customizing fonts in Adobe Illustrator.


If your logo integrates geometric shapes and "effects", it can be developed along with the word design.

STEP 3: Color and Finals

There are occasions when a logo concept is decided from the start and needs no preliminary exploring of ideas and concepts.

It is then possible to begin an illustration ( From digital sketch to vector in Illustrator) and get a good graphic to begin your logo design with.

The final stages of the logo design are finalizing and fine tuning the final logo choice.

STEP 4: Transfer Final Files

When your logo is just the way you envision it, the final step is receiving your print and web ready files for all the possible uses you can have in the future. This includes, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, EPS. Usually, they are sent through DROPBOX because they are larger files. You then can download them!