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WARNING: Look alike logos.

TIP: Set yourself apart with illustration.

woman in shock over look alike logos.

Illustrative logos can capture and communicate the unique character and story of your brand, setting you apart from competitors. Let's face it, how many 100% original fonts and geometric shape arrangements are out there? Eventually, 2 artists will think alike.


look alike logos


look alike logos


look alike logos

Although different enough, these examples are just to show how font based, geometric shaped logos can be replicated.


Here we see another pair of look alike logos. Similar color and shape, different font and name. Just enough to be safely different.


look alike logos


Using Illustration adds distinction

Here we can see a clear resemblance, although by the use of illustration, are QUITE different.

Whether it was intentional or not, there is a likeness that makes you wonder, but still different enough for both to legitimately exist as their own brand.

look alike logos

Creating a unique and memorable brand is a priority for business owners when deciding a brand. CONTACT ME for your unique branding.


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