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 Tips & Referrals


Business Cards, Postcards, Branded Baseball Cap
 No question about it Vistaprint is the best for budget friendly printing. Especially business cards and postcards. I highly recommend placing your illustrative logos on their PRINTED HATS  and is the perfect replacement for an embroidered hat and looks fantastic! Use your PDF file for this!

How to Order Your Vistaprint Cards:

"ADD-ON" Vistaprint Assistance
Where is my business card PDF? If you order Vistaprint Assistance I will place your design in their template with no fear of it placed incorrectly. Then, all you need to do is log in and ORDER!

Printful printing

Quality Apparel Prints
   If you are planning to print your logo on branded t-shirts for your company,
I highly recommend Printful's quality.  Printful delivers great quality and color-match accuracy. Order up a size and pick materials that have some stretch/softness.

Start-Up Business Invoicing



If  you are planning to invoice customers, and need an easy to use, great for small biz invoicing, I can definitely recommend what I use, which is SQUARE. If you choose to, if you sign-up through me through link above, we can both save 1K in sales processing fees!

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