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No website? How it hurts business.

Loss of Trust. Suspicious customers. Red flags and raised eye brows.

Someone search Google for your business
Where is their website?
The first thing most folks look for when seeking a product or service is that link or button that leads them to your business website.

• When the website is missing, it may cause potential customers to click away and go elsewhere. It just doesn't sit right. Here's what you could be losing not having a business website.

1.) A Loss of Accessibility.

Having a website provides a way for your customers to reach you with ease.

By not having a website, you will automatically be losing an opportunity to get in touch with your customers. They can easily learn about your product, your business, your mission, location, hours and more, with just a click of a button. They can get know you and like you, even before they pick up the phone or click that contact button.

Customer frustration search up businesses.

2.) A Loss of trust.

Not having a website, can cause suspicion with inquiring new customers. It can cause distrust, red flags and raised eye-brows. "Is this guy going to scam me ?" they might ask themselves. A website is the best way to screen a business or service provider is by seeing their website with social connections and matching a Google listing, Bing listings, BBB profile, chamber associations and more. It gives credibility.

You may have experienced it yourself with spammers, that you can never pin point WHO they are WHERE they are, if they are real or not. What's the owner's name? What's his BIO, where did he get his training, is he local? Is he even in the USA?! Transparency and an excellent online reputation is key. A website assures customers you are legit and not a scam artist.

A website assures customers you are legit and not a scam artist.

A scammy looking guy behind a laptop.
Businesses that look like a "scam".

3.) You lose advertising.

Having a website is advertising! It's like a giant ad you land on, and it brags all about you, singing your praises, talking up your service and products. It's your opportunity to speak and share who you are, what you do, why your product is superior, your mission and why your personalized customer service goes above and beyond!

Bragging rights allowed graphic.

4.) You don't appear "invested".

Having a website shows you are serious about your business, that you are in it for the long haul, and that this is not some passing phase or experiment. It shows you are a professional, and aren't trying to cut corners to save a buck.

Piggy bank and calculator.

5.) You look "cheap" or "old school".

I know, we all like to save money where we can, but not in the area of certain business essentials. You do NOT have to pay a lot for that website. Ready Why do websites vary so much in cost?

There are options out there like ordering a customized website built through a website builder such as WIX.

Beautiful website and mobile design.

WIX sites are unrecognizable from any other sites when designed and customized by a designer.

get a website promotion

Bottom Line: You can't afford to go without a website.

It is affordable. You can't afford to go without a website! Contact me and discover a website package that fits your budget.

No high agency prices, no coding or the "geek-guy" necessary. Ask about my 4 page startup website for 650.00 (home, service, about, contact) (2024) *restrictions apply.

Greedy agency guy grabbing stacks of cash.

And.... if you are old school and not tech savvy , don't feel bad!

You can learn to make edits on DIY Builders.

That is one great thing about going with a website builder because DIY changes are possible and you can learn to maintain your own site. Let's talk!

Young lady on her phone in front of laptop.

Contact Sarah to start your business dream!

Sarah Bryce is a woman-owned small business, in the Bethany Beach, Delaware area.

Sarah specializes in design & marketing work through digital and print.


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