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Why do websites vary so much in cost?

Sorting out the confusion when hiring a web designer.

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The Cost of Websites Confusion
Q. How much will a website cost me?

Would it help if I told you the average (2023-2024) is anywhere from 1K to 50K?

Not really I suppose.

Costs for websites and prices from agencies and freelancers vary like crazy, but if you can boil it down to what you really NEED you will figure out: your website doesn't need to cost a fortune! Especially if you are a small business.

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What have I gotten myself into!?

Your website doesn't need to cost a fortune!

Ask yourself these questions:


  • How many pages do you Need? A 4 page site or a 175 page site? Consider the content you want to include on each page (text/images/videos). Will your pages be standard length? Content rich pages take time to build and design for desktop and mobile. Consider what you really need.


  • What functions do you need? What do you need your customer to do through your site? Such as fill out a form or go shopping and check out? A donation page? Each function is set up with an application or a software integration and this adds time setting up. Hosting, application upgrades/and 3rd party integrations/service providers can add-on costs.


  • Are you building an e-commerce store with 50 products or one with dozens of different product pages and categories? You would need more robust hosting options due to higher levels of traffic and more significant amounts of data storage needed for product catalogues or customer databases.


  • Are you in need of extra services such as consulting assistance ( figuring out and sorting out your information and what you need), Zoom conferences with committees, copywriting assistance, business start up graphic design, photo editing, or any other extra support or training?


  • Are you building an Enterprise Level Website for large organizations, such as corporations or government agencies? Would it need User Interface Design and Database Integration , Security Measures and ongoing support, such as IT personnel or a dedicated team specializing in web application management tasks??


  • When it comes to hiring a designer to build you a website using a DIY website builder (WIX) it is ONE cost and requires NO monthly maintenance*- only one at a time orders for updates as needed!

(* This excludes your cost to WIX for their hosting and your domain and can be a low as 16.00 per month and second year your domain @ 20.00 per year/first year is free. This is a separate cost from "designing".)

  • Website designers that use Wordpress require constant updating to their "plug-ins", and agencies charge monthly to keep your site and manage things for you.

Pin pointing your needs is the first step in deciding on an agency or a contractor, a website builder, or a web developer.

If you are a consultant, or a small business you may only need a basic 4 page website that has a contact page. A Home, Services, About and a Contact page. See what's included on my website form page. And see samples on my website page.

I'd love to help design a beautiful website for your dream business!

Sarah Bryce Designs is a woman-owned small business & designer in the Bethany Beach area. Sarah specializes in logos, web, print, digital and marketing design.

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Contact Sarah for more information.

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