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FREE WAYS to Boost Your Marketing!

Networking, Referrals and Your Local Listing

Partner with Complementary Businesses

Networking requires time and it doesn’t provide instant gratification. But a network is a great strategy and partnering even better! You can use co-branded fliers, reciprocal website links, bundled promotions or social media platforms. By collaborating with each other, you can expand your customer base because you’ll be reaching new people.

Ask For Referrals

No better way to win a new customer is from a past one! Satisfied customers are the best marketing tool. Best of all, it's free. Be sure to ask for reviews or referrals as soon your contract closes, and send a thank you for their business!

Create a Business Blog

Quite often, your clients will do research pertaining to the type of service you provide first. These Google searches could land them on a competitor website! No! We don't want that! Besides the SEO content a business blog will improve your Google ranking, and your customers can have all their questions answered in your blog without even clicking away to another website!

Grow Your Email List

Don't let customer details go missing or forgotten! Keep an organized system of all your contacts and their pertinent details to keep in touch.

Recontact Old Customers

Reach out to past customers, with a note card, a call or an email. Sometimes this small connection can serve as a reminder that you are still there and available to assist with any new challenges that have come up recently.

Build a Social Media Strategy

Having a Facebook presence as well as other platforms, helps other to get to know you and what your business is all about. It's a great opportunity to educate your audience about your product or service and about you as a professional.

Create & Join a Facebook Group

If you haven't done so before, join and become active in Facebook Groups that reach your audience. Share and offer valuable content.

Offer New Customers Discounts

Who doesn't love a good sale, or find extra courage to try something new, if it there's a special savings involved! It can take the edge off your customers “start-up” costs, and show you care and are invested.

Update Your Google My Business Listing

Google is "King", ( or at least has a respected authority ), so be discoverable with a sharp looking Google My Business listing. Make sure your information is filled out and accurate. Explore and use the tools it offers to post logo, cover photos, other photos, products, promotions etc...and fill out your listing fully as you would any profile, to look attractive and professional.

Share Your Business Reviews & Ratings

Credibility is crucially important to new customers who may be hesitant to try your service. Showing off your great reviews can be what cinches the deal!

Update Your Website (DIY)

Keep your website updated and fresh looking. It will help your SEO too! Google recognizes sites with "fresh" content, recent publishing, time-sensitive key-words, and prioritizes its ranking. Keep your website "fresh" by adding new content regularly, revising/updating old content, with updating publishing dates, as well as content with last year's date.

Don't have time? I would love to help assist you in optimizing your brand image!

Sarah Bryce is a woman-owned, contracting business in the Bethany Beach, Delaware area. Sarah specializes in design & marketing work through digital and print.


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