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10 Myths About Wix Websites

Busting Common Myths About Building Your Business Website In

a detective holding up magnifying glass to his eye.

Myth#1: All Wix websites look "cheesy" and aren't professional.

This simply is not true. There are hundreds of elegant looking templates to start off any business website and everyone of them can be customized or even built completely from scratch. ( a blank canvas). A completely customized Wix website will be unrecognizable from any other website builder. Because it is eye catching, attractive, and high functioning. Since Wix is a drag and drop builder, there is great design freedom to think outside the box, or the grid.

Myth#2: Wix websites have no SEO and won't come up in searches.

WRONG. Wix has SEO integration built into the whole process of building your site. Someone can do this for you, who already knows Wix. Wix even "prompts" you to complete your SEO set-up and Google Connection, your domain connection and so on. It takes time to learn how to write a good page description and use keywords with adding tags and so on. There are also places for SEO to be written for your individual products listed in an online shop. Also, SEO descriptions for your topics in blogs. The tools are ready and available.

John Mueller Google expert photo

John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at GOOGLE

a quote by Google expert, John Mueller

Myth#3: Wix websites aren't designed to adapt to mobile devices.

Wix websites look great in mobile, and are easy to adapt your design to look clean and eye-catching! A designer can further customize your mobile design for you! Parts of your design can be "hidden" or rearranged, photos can be reshaped, type resized, recolored, and animated elements( movement) can be customized just for mobile.

A display of a website on mobile.

See samples of Sarah's Websites made with WIX

Myth#4: Wix has NO customer support.

Wix *does offer support but you have to submit a ticket to get either a phone call (within minutes!) or an email response. So there is not a direct phone hot line, but there is a system of help through their "tickets", that you CAN and will get answers to any problems. I have used Wix support enough to know I can get help when needed.

frustrated girl using her computer

Myth#5: Wix is *supposed to be 100% FREE.

It *is free to BUILD a wix site. That is true. But to get a professional domain, that is not their long free URL, (which Google does not "rank" in web searches ) you will have to :

1.) Upgrade your site to a Premium Plan. ( So you will have no WIX advertising on your banner)

2.) Purchase a domain. (like you would with any other site builder or CMS system/host.) In fact, Wordpress sites make it quite complicated to get a domain "later on", where as Wix you can build your entire site then "upgrade" and connect domain.( Your domain comes FREE the first year with site upgrade!)

So again, it **is free to open and build a site, try out different templates, take your time....even use the free site with ads, while you are just starting out. It gives you some freedom to LEARN as well, as a break on signing up...but to go professional, it is not free.

cartoon of a man holding a sign that says "free".

Myth#6: A Wix site can be built in an hour.

No, please don't try that. I'd be afraid to see what one might look like. Maybe it could be done? But not well. Or very generic, like many sites you've seen. But a well thought-out, logo-branded website design with business overview, informative, comprehensive, attractive, with SEO page descriptions etc... should take anywhere between 10 and 20+ hours ( for a WIX Pro) depending on how many pages and what functions, forms, upgrades and more!

If you are building a professional looking WIX website *yourself, expect a much longer learning curve as you navigate website tools, SEO, photography, mobile layout adjusting and much more.

"Really, I had no idea...."

Myth#7: Wix can't perform special functions like Wordpress "PLUG-INS".

They are not called plug-ins, they are called "APPS" and they do similar functions as plug-ins do. In fact, Wix’s most basic site template comes with a handful of free built -in apps (such as forms , galleries, chat and email ).

Every month, Wix is constantly growing their APP market : and making improvements.

Plus, there are an ever growing number of website-software integrations available outside WIX, that can increase site function like Jotform. There are booking, rental, donation and shopping-store integrations that can be added to serve your website function and keep your cost down!

This saves money dodging the web developer or from you switching to more costly WIX business Premium subscription plans. A WIX pro designer can help guide you in these kinds of choices.


chart of WIX subscription plans.

*Every year, be sure to check new packages and prices:  

Ratings of top site builders:

Chart of top rated website builders

Website Builder Comparisons for an Online Store:

Best store website builders

Myth#8: It’s so “terrible“ that you can't move your data to another platform.

Not really sure why you'd want to, because you wouldn't know how to edit it anyway! Wix is so very user friendly for editing, rearranging, redesigning....etc. Other platforms/hosting will have a HEAVY learning curve. You will feel the loss of freedom immediately. With a Wix site you can learn to make your own minor edits or call back for an website update order. With a Wix site, you won't pay any "monthly Maintenance fees" to your designer.

Myth#9: "There are no credible companies that use WIX."

FALSE! There are many big companies that use WIX.

Sure, we've all seen the amateur builders who leave "proudly built by Wix" on the footer of their cookie-cutter templated site, but when built "right", branded, and custom-designed, you can not tell it is a WIX WEBSITE!

Big companies have caught on that you can have an attractive, functioning site without paying a fortune.

Don’t overpay for your website!

guy amazed at websites built by WIX

Businesses such as the logos pictured above are big companies that use WIX. They are Nike, Coca Cola, Hilton, CBS, Starbucks, Lyft and more!

Myth#10: There's no benefit in using Wix if I have to hire someone.

Not true considering the savings you will have:

-ONE designer versus a TEAM!

-Saving your OWN time having to build it.

-Having an end product where you:

1.) Save on overall cost.

2.) Have control over your site, ownership and financial info and purchases.

3.) Can make your own minor changes easily.

4.) Are not charged monthly by an agency.

5.) Can choose update orders when needed and convenient.

6.) Have room in your budget for other business costs!

A freelancer would be your next best option if your time is limited in learning and building your own site.


What would you rather: waiting 1-2 weeks for a freelancer to customize your Wix Site, versus months of waiting to have an agency to build a site you will never be able to edit yourself!

4 Page Website Design for only 650.00

Hiring a freelancer like Sarah Bryce Designs to build a custom Wix site would be much less than an agency, and you will own and control your website. You can manage minor edits yourself, and more complex changes updates can be ordered at your convenience.

Branding and website by Sarah Bryce Designs.


You can then "afford" to add other services you would probably need like Logo Brand Design, Google My Business and Facebook Profile Set-up, Business Card/Letter Head design and more! You don't have to wait months either. You can probably get your branding and site done in less than a MONTH!

It's time to get started and begin the launch of your business!

Sarah Bryce is a freelance marketing/graphic designer serving Bethany Beach and local coastal towns in Sussex County and beyond.


Unknown member
Jun 18

Also your own Wix website is NOT responsive and scrolls horizontally. Are we back in the 1990s?


Unknown member
Jun 18

The brands you mention (Nike, Coca-Cola etc) DO NOT use Wix. Why are you LYING to try and get more sales?

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