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Why I love Chick Fil-A

And it's not why you think!

I love Chick Fil-A because of their CLEVER branding and advertising. THAT'S IT!

Well, Okay, they do have yummy sandwiches too.

I was doing a little reading about this and the reason Chick Fil-A went with the cow mascot was simply back in the 1990's their biggest competition was hamburger places within the malls. They were working on billboard ideas and got some inspiration from one of Bart's (Simpson) most noteworthy taglines, "Don't have a cow, man!," which was seeping into pop culture. It was the perfect tagline for a company selling chicken products, so the creative team borrowed it, using the line, "Don't have a cow," on a billboard next to a picture of the classic chicken sandwich.

And who better to sway folks from eating BEEF to eating CHICKEN, then the Chick-fil-A Cow!


When I was growing up, as a young artist, my friend and I would draw cartoons that would use words spelled wrong on purpose. We would make up last names, spelled wrong that described a negative trait of that person. Like "Mrs. Biggamouth"...something like that. So, it totally hit my funny bone when the cows were writing messages in their advertisements with misspelled words because of course, cows aren't educated.

Besides, their clever cow and funny billboards, they also have an eye catching logo with the head of the chicken symbolized inside the 'C' of Chicken. The red and white colors, the clever cows promoting chicken and the mascots running around inside the restaurant all have been so impressive and iconic to me and my childhood.

And the chicken with pickles on top was a GREAT idea too. :)

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