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Common Myths About Starting Your Business

"Are you sure you can afford that? Starting a Business is so expensive." You've probably heard many of the myths about starting your own business, ones such as:

"You'll need a LOT of money."

Which is simply not true! You will need the minimum amount of money to get your product/service to market.Think big but start small. By starting small, you can test your product/service and make necessary changes without risking a lot of money.

"You'll need an ORIGINAL idea."

Not really. Most successful businesses started by improving upon existing products or ideas. It is more important that your idea is good rather than original. You don’t need complicated product ideas to ensure business success.

"You can't start a business while working

full-time. "

You can and it is also smart! To reduce risk, it is actually wiser to keep your full time job or a part time supplement until your business can pay you a salary.

"You will work less hours."

Ha! Not true. The reality is that you may work more hours than an employee, especially, in the first few years of building your business.

It will be a labor of love, and the fruit of your passion, which I believe makes a BIG difference.

And when you are doing something you LOVE, you will never "work" another day!

Contact Sarah to start your

business dream!

Sarah Bryce is a woman-owned small business, in the Bethany Beach, Delaware area.

Sarah specializes in design & marketing work through digital and print.


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