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Step-By-Step: Quick Business StartUp!

An Overview of Getting Started.

STEP 1: Logo Design

The beginning of your business is your branding, starting with your logo. Your logo identifies you, your brand and communicates what you are all about. So stage one is naming your business and creating your brand logo. Ask yourself these questions:

• What does your company stand for?

• Write down who you are, who you serve and what you represent.

• What style logo would you like. Classic? Modern?

• What fonts do you like, simple, ornate?

• Choose your color scheme of 2 or 3 colors that represent you.

A few samples:

See: Steps of Logo Design , which explains the designing process.

Once your logo is created, that "theme", style, colors, feel...etc....can be carried into the rest of your branding. Such as setting theme for your Custom Website. Answer simple questions about color and style etc. with this logo questionnaire. Start your ORDER now!

STEP 2: Open your WIX.COM account to get your website started.

I just need your preferred email and a password. It can be a shared password at first if you like. Once it is created, I can choose a website template to start off with, and add myself as a "web designer". Then, I log into my own Wix account and begin your website's custom design. Or, as a second option, you can create your OWN wix account and “invite” me as a collaborator. Here's how:

Then Let Your Site Begin!


Your website can be built FREE until you are ready to upgrade and buy your domain. Wix subscriptions vary, but a basic yearly site is just under 200.00 and a domain around 20.00 dollars per year, depending on the plan you choose.(if you pay monthly, annually or every 2 years etc.) E-Commerce sites are typically more expensive because they need more special functions such as store inventory product templates, check-out and credit card processing. Wix Pricing

TIP: If contact links and simple forms are the main functions needed for your site, then the COMBO plan will be all you need! (This is what I use.)

All WIX Site Subscriptions can have "bells & whistles" added to their site that perform functions (like booking or credit card processing, or reviews ), and are called APPS. They are considered "upgrades", and cost monthly or yearly. This is another way to upgrade your site a step at a time.

TIP: Choosing a yearly website subscription versus monthly costs LESS.The same is true with APPS that you add onto your site.

STEP 3: Social Media & Google My Business Set-Up

Once you know your business domain, we can continue in creating your FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE, and your GOOGLE MY BUSINESS Profile.

Your Google My Business Verification takes about 2 weeks for your verification code to come in the mail and needs to be entered in your google my business account (log into your gmail account associated with business listing ) before you will show up in local SEO Google Business searches. When I build your Facebook Business page, I can also use your cover images and similar images as your Facebook page to design your matching google listing. This is how people find you locally! For your Google My Business profile, you must have it set-up with a GMAIL address. Which I can be created for you.

STEP 4: Business Essential "ADD-ONS" for START-UP!


An essential to any business are your custom branded business cards! This will further in bringing your brand recognition. I can help with this, and I offer assistance in Vistaprint so they are set-up and ready to order! You can also order custom flyers and letterhead, or any promotional print design you may need to launch your business! More Print Design Samples


Don't want to hire a photographer, but your photos need a little help? I can help. I can enhance your color/contrast, or remove backgrounds, or even use the photoshop paintbrush to change colors or smooth away flaws in your photos. The heavier the editing though, the more time it takes. So only consider this if you are a pretty good photographer.


Want to save free processing on $1,000 in sales ?

(normally 2.9% fee on each sale)

Then Sign-Up through my referral link:

If you are planning to invoice customers, and need an easy to use, great for small biz invoicing, I can definitely recommend what I use, which is SQUARE. If you choose to, if you sign-up through me through link above, we can both save on processing fees! There are others, of course like Quick Books...etc and depending on your needs, it is a good idea to do some thorough research on fees, monthly costs and what other business integrations you will get with your subscription.

STEP 6: Marketing, Networking & Advertising

Once you have achieved the first 4 steps, don't stop there! No one will buy your product or service I f they don't know it exists!!!! Which is why you need a marketing plan. Being active on social media platforms, sharing, posting, email marketing, youtube videos, LinkedIn, paid people see you, find you, get to know you and then eventually buy. If you need help consider a monthly marketing subscription.

It doesn't have to take MONTHS to get a business started. (typical sites can take 14 weeks and cost 5K-10K+!) Yet there are many time and cost effective options out there, that can look equally beautiful and WIX. Get out there are share your product or service, be your own boss and live an inspired life!

See also: My Google Reviews

Contact Sarah for more information.

You can find Sarah Bryce Designs listed on: Web Design Companies In Delaware

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