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Website Services - Designer or Developer?

Tissues for sad web developers who aren't needed.

With the emergence of DIY website builder software (such as WIX), *AND service providers for building WIX or other DIY sites, the necessity of hiring website developers to create websites that look modern and respectable has diminished.

This is SAD news for design firms that specialize in website design with custom coded websites made from scratch.

The reason I joke, is for a long while it was the reverse. Where Web Developers were FAR superior than mere graphic designers, because of their powerful controlling code-knowledge and high price tag-value.

Not only this, but customers were held hostage to over-charging web developers as their ONLY option to start a business, taking months to complete, or else appear like a cheap-skate with NO website or a free cheesy looking one...but not anymore. Now business owners have options. THAT IS GOOD NEWS! F-R-E-E-D-O-M!

FACT: You do not need a CUSTOM CODED SITE MADE FROM SCRATCH for small business essentials.

If you are, for example, a small business who wants to get your name out there, share your products/service and to get customer contact details, THIS IS NOT GROUND BREAKING. You do not need a website coded from scratch because website builder software (like WIX) has these elements all ready coded, ready to be customized, and "Dragged and Dropped" where you want.

Wix also has dozens of templates for varieties of businesses, such as e-commerce shopping sites AND apps you can add to your site to increase it's function.

FACT: You CAN build it yourself in WIX, if you have the time to teach yourself, but it doesn't come with design programs such as photoshop and Illustrator which are essential in a professional well branded website.

When do you NEED a web developer? For VERY large sites, and sites with special custom functions that are not available or possible through website builder APPS. There are dozens of possible business templates (plus APPS) that can built/used in WIX and other website builders, but I am telling you about Wix because that is what I currently use.

Contact Sarah to get a quote on a website and other essential branding and business services that could be bundled for a budget-friendly start-up cost.

Or fill out a website estimate form to get started: Website Packages


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