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Keep Customers Engaged!

Keep your online presence "ALIVE" with engaging content!

"Doing it yourself" marketing, means a "learning curve" with an investment of your personal time each week including:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is useful , valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience which ultimately may lead to profitable customer action! These platforms can be any social media networking outlets.

What "CONTENT" is there?

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Facebook posts with images get 2.3X more engagement than posts without images. Post images, tell stories, create text content that teaches, entertains, with a quality image (original or copied) that inspires engagement. Curious customers can click on your profile image and go right to your business page!

Sarah Bryce Designs Facebook Management


( or "Curated Content")

Bookmark websites that relate to your content and regularly share informative articles. Simply copy the URL link of the article and create a post in FB, paste, and it will create a thumbnail image. Type over the text link with an excerpt from an article or information you want to highlight. This draws your potential customer, and provides valuable content, which can in turn, can lead to a click to your page or website!


Google images is a great way to find inspiring quotes. Look for good quality images with quotes, and download them and reshare! Use a free APP like Canva to create your own or Adobe Spark.

4.) Share a MEME

(Humorous Image ) A cartoon, a funny quote, an image with a funny saying, can all be a way to entertain, up-lift and engage your followers. It doesn't have to be about business all the time. Show your potential clients, that you are also a fun, pleasant, and enjoyable person to work with!

5.) Videos/Video Software

Posting videos are a big trend and can draw a lot of engagement! Applications such as Canva, Animoto and Adobe Spark, can help you create a quick but engaging "slide show" video of your product or service with the ability for added text, and free background music. Simply download as an MP4 file and upload as a post on Facebook.

6.) Share Your Blog Posts

If you enjoy and already write post blogs on your website, you can definitely use them as content on Facebook or LinkedIn! These are great for leading potential customers right to your website. You simply post the link of your published blog article page URL as a post, and rewrite over the text link. And don't forget some great #hashtags!

7.) Join Facebook Groups!

Join Facebook groups that may be interested in your product ( that allow promotion) and share your posts/content/videos that have received good engagement to an even larger audience, as in your Facebook groups such a small business, or selling groups.

8.) Build content in your FREE Google My Business Profile

Add customer reviews, photos of your jobs, to your website and social media. This adds credibility, and shows you are trustworthy. You can show or ask for reviews on:


Google My Business

Your Website

You may not notice it, but your Google My Business profile has a profile set up similar to Facebook=a place for your logo, a cover image, photos, posts, and promotions. Fill it out completely, and keep updating it with fresh photos and content. This content shows up in web and image searches, and impresses potential clients!

TIP: Share your GOOGLE reviews on social media!


9.) Upload video content to your YOUTUBE Channel!

Besides that YOUTUBE is a great way to create SEO for your service or website, it can be another source of content to engage your audience! It can be reposted, linked, and directly uploaded onto Facebook, Linkedin, and even on your Google My Business!



If you feel comfortable enough with DIY Content Marketing, take it a step further and trying boosting a FB post for a small investment.

Beyond being active on social media and sharing quality content with your audience, PAID advertising can give your business more reach than what can be accomplished organically, by using targeting tools provided through each platform.( Such as Facebook or Google Ads). A paid promotion can be added to a monthly marketing subscription.

10.) Try paid advertisement such as a FB POST or Google Ads on small budget.

The first step towards advertising is creating your business profile on GOOGLE BUSINESS and a FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE.

EAST START UP: Take an existing post on Facebook and turn into a "BOOST" Or create a "SMART CAMPAIGN" with you GOOGLE BUSINESS listing and boost its search optimization.

Google Ad "Smart Campaigns" shows in Gmail, YouTube, display, maps, and in search.

Don't Have Time?

The UP side of engaging your audience DIY,

of course, is SAVING MONEY!

But it COSTS your time.


NEED HELP? ( Check out my monthly marketing subscriptions)

Sarah Bryce is a woman-owned, contracting business in the Bethany Beach, Delaware area. Sarah specializes in design & marketing work through digital and print.


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