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Step-By-Step: Online Marketing For Your Business

What your online business needs to be discovered!

What you need is an online presence in multiple places, to push traffic to your website.


This includes Search Engines, Social Media, Directories, Online ads, and referrals.

Maybe you just got your business logo and your website, and a professional look for your business and services.

This is *JUST what folks need, and you thought you were finished!

If only it was that easy!

Opening your business and publishing your website, is only the FIRST step towards getting customers!

open for business neon sign.

Somehow, a potential customer has to be looking for you in order to FIND YOU.

Where do they look and how will they find you?

searching with binoculars.

1.) Search Engines

Google logo

46% of every Google search is for a local business.

Having your website connected to Google and all the proper SEO set-ups that your website designer will do for you, is crucial!

This includes page titles and descriptions, text copy on your site, labeling of photos, use of key words and other tasks that set up your website.

Let's assume all that is done. When a customer types in "_____business near me", in a Google (or search engine search) Google finds information matching key words with the location of your business in proximity to the searcher.

When the search results come up, not only will it bring up your website results but every other profile you have with your matching business information.

When the search results come up, not only will it bring up your website results but every other profile you have with your matching business information.

The more content that is found, the more valid your business will be to the search engine.

The more rich search results that come up, the more credible your business will look and the more confident a potential customer will be in clicking on your links.

2.) Social Media Platforms

54% of social users use this medium to research a product or service.

Social media icons.

Any successful business out there you will find, has a Facebook business page and other types of profiles on social media. You will use your personal Facebook page profile and open a BUSINESS PAGE. This content ( especially active accounts) will come up in searches.

You can post, promote, and use paid Facebook Advertising "boosts" for your post. ( Or targeted Ad creation through Ad Manager.)

Brasures Pet Control post boost.

You can join groups and share and create events or even go LIVE.

Creating a YOUTUBE channel no matter how small will bring up instant search results. You don't have to be a performer or a videographer to create useful video content!

YouTube video cover.

Google reviews logo
Your GOOGLE reviews can become a golden referral partner!

3.) Directories

Google my business logo.

Another helpful push of traffic is when you list your business in EVERY search engine platform. Google, Bing, and others. Take the time to fill it out completely, adding your branding, verifying it, and post photos, your logo, any specials, your hours etc.

  • 80% of customers trust businesses less if info on a directory is inaccurate

  • Only 7% of businesses have all of their information correct on all directories

  • 56% of businesses haven’t even claimed their free Google My Business (GMB) listing

Google my business profiles

4.) Online Ads

Google ads logo

One of Google’s longstanding statistics is that every $1 spent on Google Ads yields $2 in revenue.

Once you have PROFILES, you can advertise.

Your Google listing can be promoted and PUSHED to the top of search results. You can create a smart campaign and have your ad show in various places including YOUTUBE. It targets your area, it targets interests, and shows up in news feeds on websites and shows as promoted content.

5.) Referrals:

92% of today’s customers have acted on a referral from a friend or family, and a staggering 88% of people look to reviews before making a purchase decision.

 Statistics Credit to bigcommerce .com

Giving quality service and asking customers to give a review on Google can refer many more customers. Not only this, but they will likely tell a friend!

6.) Try A Marketing Subscription for marketing assistance!

Many of the above mentioned tips can be learn and maintained by the business owner. *** You will have to have access to a graphic design program ideally. With a monthly subscription it includes graphic design/video software production and other benefits (depending on level and tasks).

However, It may take time away from running your business and it may be worth the possibility of having it managed for you!

Consider one of my Monthly Marketing Subscriptions where there are different prices for different levels of service.

Here is a break down of the tasks I can take care of for you:


1.) 5 Weekly Posts 2.) Sharing of Posts to FB. Groups.

**Monthy Renewal**

Posts are a combination of: • Shared Articles (“curated”) • Custom Posts • Photo Share


Option 1 Tasks, PLUS Choice of ONE "add-on” each week:

**Minimum of a 3 Month Contract **


1.) Facebook Event Creation

2.) Short Video Creation

3.) Custom Marketing Post & Share

4.) Wix Email Marketing campaign to your contacts

5.) Google My Business Content (Photo/ Post)

6.) Facebook Cover Revisions/Updates

7.) Custom Task


Option 1 and 2 Tasks, PLUS 1 Ad Design/Campaign+Monitoring:

**Minimum of a 3 Month Contract **

ADVERTISING CHOICES: (cost of advertising not included)

1.) Facebook Post Boost

2.) Facebook Awareness or Engagement ad

3.) Facebook Lead Generation Ad

4.) Google Ad ( Local SEO promotion)

5.) Custom Promotion

Consider a trial subscription!

Contact Sarah to get your business noticed!

Sarah Bryce is a woman-owned small business, in the Bethany Beach, Delaware area.

Sarah specializes in design & marketing work through digital and print.


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